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I'm TriggerMan and I'm a lone wanderer that loves anime, vidiyas, and electronic bass music. I'm also an avid Studio TRIGGER & Disciple Records fan. I always love hot anime tiddies and hate woke people. I'm also in wuv with Uzume.

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Back in 2017, I announced Rumble Clan (codenamed Project Shockwave). 2 years later, I revealed the first 2 characters for the project. The writing for season 1 was complete, but one thing that the project had ONE thing it's struggling with and that is world-building. The reason why is because I wrote episodes without context and some elements of the series is a bit cringe-inducing, dated, and grown off. So, I'll scrape some (or most) of the episodes to make it a bit easier, more organized, in order to prevent retconing the eff of it (RooTee, I'm looking at you!), and to prevent pulling an Adventure Time (In other words, preventing the project to make the story confusing and kinda useless to indulge). For inspirations of the series, it'll be inspired from Studio Trigger's anime (including ex-Gainax), Rising of the Shield Hero (yes, it'll be kinda more like an isekai, but it won't be in an actual video game), Japanese tokusatsu series/movies (such as Kamen Rider, Godzilla, Ultraman, etc.), JRPGs I enjoyed so far (NieR: Automata & Neptunia), and old stuff I dig into back when I was a kid and teenager (Such as Samurai Jack, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Rave Master, and L/R: Licensed by Royalty).

Also, there will be a rename for the main male protag (Len Edamura will now be named as Leon, but his surname will be decided later on because I have to pick a medieval or German surname and it'll took a bit more time than getting used to. [Since Leon have to mean Leo]) and will have a REAL personality (his personality will be when Neptune meet Scud; care-free and a well-aware one except he ain't disposable and he's actually a human [he can break 4th walls because why not]) and he'll also have a Berserker mode! I'll bring in re-redesigns soon and there's still will be characters to be revealed, but I still need help re-designing characters. OtherEarth will be more unconventional than what it originally is while as for the part of the story when Len first found out that he's now in OtherEarth, it needs more impact and emotion like as Shield Hero provided. Also, PROJECT TITLE WILL BE CHANGED DUE TO MAKING THE PROJECT MORE FITTING. So, Imma need help on the title change as well and I'll get on with some of the rest! In the meantime, you can also help me out by joining in my Discord server named 'UNJUKE COMMITTEE'; just accept the invite as linked on my NG profile, verify yourself as a member in the self-roles channel and you're good to go!

So, that's all in news involving Rumble Clan and I'll let you know when the re-redesigns are done! ^_^